There is an ancient tradition of capturing one’s identity through visual means.

Heraldry and coats of arms have long expressed the elements of proud families and their heritage.

Ravenscroft & Daughter is the modern version, it is the story of you, your children, your family.

A bespoke Ravenscrofts! and Daughter design is an artistic representation of the most important elements in your family‘s life.

The process involves a series of Jaany’s signature line drawings which are then transformed into a repeating pattern that can be printed onto fabrics and other surface print materials.

Jaany will ask lots of questions about your life and significant moments, places, likes, unique or special items in order to form a rounded picture of who she is designing for.

The final design is yours forever and will never be duplicated.
Jaany will print your design on fabrics suitable for interior soft furnishings or on any items you would like your design to appear on such as notebooks, china mugs, plates, bowls; if you have something in mind that can have a surface design printed on it, Jaany will organise everything for you.

With a Ravenscroft & Daughter design, memories, meaning and emotion are encapsulated in one bespoke drawing which is completely personal to you. There will never be another like it. It is something to be cherished, something to share, something to have as a memory of a moment in time.


The seed of Ravenscroft and Daughter was sown when Jaany’s daughter was born.

‘From the moment I gave birth, I realised there were specific things that happened in her life, which she experienced, which she loved, which we had as family moments, that were truly significant and only experienced by us.’

‘ I felt that I wanted to express her life in a series of drawings which encapsulated all that was significant at that moment in time. This led to me sketching a range of simple line drawings which were special to her and to us as a family.

These sketches were always around me and I added to them as she grew. At first I didn’t realise the significance of this process. I was merely sketching places or cherished objects that were in our lives. But as time passed I realised that I was curating a design for our daughter without really realising.
It was at that moment I thought of what has now become Ravenscroft and daughter.

My initial sketches transformed into cohesive designs which became interior furnishings for my daughter’s room. I personalised her soft furnishings; cushions, bedding sets, play mat, chair covers, curtains and wallpaper alongside surface prints on other items such as her overnight bag, china and stickers which she loved.

To me this was the most special and personal way for us to mark the age and personality of my daughter. She loves talking about each part of her design and explains it with gusto to friends and family. Like her, each design is completely unique. This is something we will cherish forever and will become part of our story of her childhood and her memories.

At the beginning it was an experience just for us but as I started talking to friends I realised that they too wanted to celebrate their children, their family, in the same way. That is when Ravenscroft & Daughter was born. I now design a limited number of children’s or family’s designs over the year so you too can share that unique experience.

Thus when I was naming my design studio, It seemed natural to use our family name and include our daughter who had been the inspiration for my design journey. My hope is that one day she will join us as a designer – if she so wishes.

The Process

Step one: You have already achieved step one…

You are considering a bespoke design for you, your child/ren, your family.

Step two: You are wondering…

You will have an informal, no obligation online consultation with Jaany to discuss the possibilities and to see if the process and outcome are something you’d like to go forward with.

Step three: You’ve decided to go ahead…

Jaany will meet the person or persons the design is for. This will be an online consultation unless you request one in person at your home.

Jaany will ask lots of questions about your life and significant moments, places, likes, unique or special items and so on, in order to get a rounded picture of who she is designing for.

Step four: You have given Jaany lots of great inspiration…

Jaany will sketch ideas and curate them into an initial design. You will be shown these initial drawings to ensure we are all on the same page. From here Jaany will complete your design in consultation with you.

Step five: Your final design will be presented to you…

Jaany’s design will be finalised and a personalised pallet of colours will be discussed and used to create your final bespoke Ravenscroft & Daughter design.


You have created a truly unique experience for you and your family for years to come. It is now your decision as to how and where you have your design in your life.
Jaany will print your design on fabrics, wallpaper or any product you would like your surface print design on. Please see the individual pricing for examples.


Jaany can print your design on silk, cotton, eco-organic cotton, recycled fabrics et cetera using the finest printing techniques from UK based companies, which create unrivalled print quality fabrics for fashion houses, catwalks and interiors. The companies she uses all have excellent reputations and deliver the highest quality.

For designs on objects, Jaany uses a carefully collated selection of British printers who specialise in high quality products for you to choose from.

Price On Application. Please enquire below.



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