Jaany Ravenscroft-Hull lives in Buckinghamshire and is intrigued by sky, sea and the long view.

She paints using oils to depict seascapes of the West Coast of Ireland and the North Norfolk coast.

Jaany sketches everywhere she goes and returns to her studio to contemplate the moments she has captured and how they can be transformed and developed into her oil paintings. These reflect a brief moment, marking a specific time, place and feeling. 

Painting is a response to those feelings, a direct translation of colour and mood with context, form and shape. It shows the possibilities that are just beyond the canvas edges for the viewer.
‘There is a clarity that is only found when we are at the sea, above the coastline, out in nature and seeing the long view ahead of us. These times can be transformative and help us understand what is most important to us at that moment in time.

The sky and sea have that sense of freedom and I want to express that in my work.’

About the artist

Jaany spent her formative years in the Gloucestershire countryside with the Malvern hills as a backdrop. 

Having studied at Leeds University, she settled in Oxford for many years. In 2011 Jaany relocated to the West Coast of Ireland and worked closely with the Arts across the country as well as forming strong local connections with exhibitions and sales at NUIG (National University of Ireland Galway) and the world renowned Ashford Castle, the former seat of the Guinness family. 

Her artwork can be found in many private collections at home and overseas – particularly America through the Irish connection.

The beauty and vigour of the unspoilt West Coast is a constant and powerful influence over her work. A recent move to the Chilterns and the discovery of the North Norfolk skies and ever changing landscape coupled with tempestuous and variable seas, continue to inform her artwork.


Jaany is available for commissions and likes to have an informal chat about the possibilities of creating a bespoke artwork for you or as a gift. This can be in person if you are close by or online at your convenience.

‘I always savour the moment a final commission is revealed. But it is the process and meaning behind it that takes on its own story and journey which is also gifted to the recipient. It is a truly unique experience and one which I will guide you through and advise you on, each step of the way.’

If you are interested, do not hesitate to get in touch, it’s an exciting process which you will be lead through step by step.

There is no obligation to continue the process should it not suit your needs and wishes.


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