Why digital?

Clear lines, bold colours, Giclee prints, Hahnemuhle paper.

Jaany has embraced the digital age and now includes a selection of limited edition prints of seascapes and landscapes. 

She is following in the footsteps of one of her favourite artists David Hockney, who is a huge inspiration.

If you would like your favourite view to be made into a print, please get in touch.

What’s the process?

The way Jaany begins her paintings is the way she approaches her digital art. Sketching.

‘I sketch, everywhere, always.’

From her sketches, Jaany can hold a view, a moment in time, a memory. She works directly from her original sketches to create her limited edition digital drawings.

Using her iPad, she transforms her sketches and uses a range of beautiful and bespoke pallets of colour. She takes these from the original seascape or landscape and adds to them in her studio. ‘ I paint using the digital pencil, it is a completely different feeling to painting and gives a very different result. My focus is on shape, colour and capturing the contours and feeling of a place.’

The limited edition prints are a wonderful way to have a window into a place you love, somewhere memories were made, a portal into a place of freedom, or as a beautiful gift.

Commissions are taken for digital seascapes and landscapes in Jaany’s signature style. Please get in touch for further details.


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